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Learn what it’s like to shop, cook, and eat like the Vietnamese do.

Immerse yourself in the spice and sauciness of Vietnamese cuisine by joining our authentic, hands-on cooking class at A Taste of Vietnam: Mui Ne Cooking School.

Under the guidance of our super chefs, Quinn, Trân & Mười, you’ll visit Mui Ne’s bustling market and learn how to cook the country’s most-loved dishes. On top of that, you’ll also walk away with a booklet of yummy recipes you can recreate at home…

and impress all your foodies friends — sweet!



With Market Tour

9am to 12:30pm $40

A visit at the local Ham Tien Market
Cooking and mastering four popular Vietnamese dishes
Tasting and enjoying your own cooked dishes
Receiving a recipe booklet to cook for friends and family at home
Photos of your cooking class experience on Facebook


Without Market Tour

10am to 12:30pm


Cooking and mastering four popular Vietnamese dishes
Tasting and enjoying your own cooked dishes
Receiving a recipe booklet to cook for friends and family at home
Photos of your cooking class experience on Facebook





We are happy to share our menu options and recipes with you. After each class we give you a recipe booklet to take home. Not only that, we email you the recipe documents of both classes!
Do both cooking classes and get a price reduction on your second class!
Just let us know (in the booking form) if you have any special dietary needs and the chefs will make sure to create an adjusted menu that suits your needs.
Please be aware that we don’t cater for ‘strict’ vegetarians/vegans as we use ingredients like fish sauce & other spices which may include fish/meat products to prepare some of the dishes. If you are comfortable with cooking with these spices/ingredients and simply leaving out (or replacing) the actual meat or fish then you’re very welcome to join.
Among all the Vietnamese dishes that came to the attention of the people in the western hemisphere, nothing else has received as much appreciation as pho. And rightly so; this delicious noodle soup is widely considered the national dish of Vietnam. Its steamy broth and fresh flavours have captured the culinary hearts of so many people around the world.
A simple pancake mainly made out of flour and rice, then stuffed with fresh local ingredients.
Prepping (and eating) the cake is as messy as it is enjoyable:
You wrap a piece of freshly cooked banh xeo in bean sprouts, star fruit, mint and spring onions which you dip into a lovely sweet chili fish sauce.
But the most special thing about banh xeo? We reckon it’s the trip that all 5 of your senses get taken on as you prepare it:
The sizzling sound of the batter pouring into the hot pan. The smell of the batter as it cooks. The vibrant colours of the yellow batter, green spring onions, and red shrimp. The taste sensation of crispy banh xeo, rich toppings, fresh veggies, and tangy sweet and sour sauce. Yum!
Spring rolls are an absolute staple in Vietnam. With an outer layer made with very thin rice paper, Vietnamese spring rolls can be filled either with vegetables, pork, shrimp or crab meat.
Almost every country in Asia has its own version of chicken curry– and Vietnam is no exception. Vietnamese curry is relatively mild (and unknown) compared to its Indian, Thai, or Malaysian counterparts. But it’s also extremely fragrant and full of flavour!
Chả giò, fried Vietnamese spring rolls, is a popular dish in Vietnam and is usually served as an appetizer. For this reason, very little ingredients are put into the rice paper. The ingredients in this dish are fairly flexible, but the most commonly used are rice vermicelli, shrimp, chicken, tofu, egg, basil, chopped lettuce, cilantro, and of course: fish sauce!
Rau câu is a popular Vietnamese gelatin dessert that is sold throughout the whole country. Nowadays, rau câu has become so popular that you can find it not just in Vietnam but in many other Asian countries.

Reviews By Go2muine Travelers

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  • Trevor& sue

    Trevor W - Oct 05, 2018

    We had a fantastic time here at cooking School ,went to market ,was all good would recommend it!

  • Great cookery lesson with brilliant teacher

    James E - Nov 21, 2018

    This cookery session was great fun but also very informative. After a visit to the local market, two hours of cooking great Vietnamese dishes and sitting down and eating them. Really worthwhile visit and highly recommended- you’ll leave full of great food!

  • Great Way To Spend a 1/2 Day

    DraftedbytheMan - Nov 30, 2018

    Just finished the cooking class. The first part starts out with a trip to the market. Great to learn where to source ingredients and also try some local flavours. We had a small class, just 3 of us. Prepared 4 dishes and learned some important guidelines for authentic Vietnamese food. Well worth the time! I can’t wait to try the recipes back home!

  • Great!

    Tron - Dec 04, 2018

    Great food, great teacher - good way begin to learn about Vietnamese cooking Nov 2018 • Couples My wife and I really enjoyed our half day class with Mui Ne Cooking School. To start we visited a local market and tasted some interesting local food. Once we returned to the classroom we prepared 4 different dishes and enjoyed eating ever single one. The teacher was so kind and helpful. She was great to chat with and learn from. The support staff were also very friendly and fun. They made the whole experience even better. The food was so delicious and we had fun preparing it. We left with a small cookbook with recipes for the different dishes and sauces we prepared - perfect. Highly recommend.

  • Must-try activity in Mui Ne

    Jannik H - Dec 15, 2018

    We booked the 4 hour cooking school including a trip to the market. We were guided well through specialties and the tastes of Vietnam, and our host did so with great humour and good English. The cooking course was fun, interesting and well timed, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you very much!

  • Nice way to learn more about vietnamese food

    gialloglob - Dec 17, 2018

    We had a great time and I can recommend this cooking class. The visit to the market is a great occasion to learn more about the food. The teacher is very nice.

  • Mui Ne cooking school

    Ewa M - Jan 09, 2019

    It was great experience In group of 6 we have done shopping togather on local market having some snacks Then we went back to school and cooking As I do not eat meat i had variant with tofu and fish For me it was awsome experience You can ask questions and learn a lot

  • It was really a good day at the cooking school

    Ernestas N - Jan 20, 2019

    We really have enjoyed our cooking class at the Mui Ne Cooking School. It was very interesting to visit the market together at the beginning. All the recipes were very good, easy to make and do not need any spacial ingredients. All the necessary ingredient you can find everywhere worldwide, so the will be no problem to cook what you have learned when you are back home.

  • So good we did it twice!

    JanPez - Jan 25, 2019

    Really good experience, very well prepared and organised. The food is delicious and easy to cook at home. The lady who demonstrates the dishes makes it fun, she speaks very good English and explains everything very well. See from the photo, we even learned how to make a flower from a tomato skin

  • One of the greatest things to do in Mui Ne!

    Purma - Feb 05, 2019

    We can highly recommend this experience - we loved the idea to start the class by going to the local market as there is in Vietnam so much, that we have never seen or tasted and would have not done it alone. The cooking class itself was also very well organised and we had so much fun while cooking! After returning home, we have been doing Vietnamese food with the help of the little recipe book we got after the class. The only thing we are sorry about, is that we had no time to go vnd make the second menu!

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